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For two consecutive years Flexer and Sandiland have been commissioned by Kent County Council to deliver the Inspire project in schools across north Kent. Focusing on young leaders Inspire is a Kent Schools Olympic Legacy Programme jointly funded by Kent County Council, Artswork and The Royal Opera House Bridge organisations with support for our project specifically from South East Dance. In phase two, 2015, we worked with 5 schools: Riverview Juniors, Riverhead Primary School, Valence School, St. John’s Academy and Gravesend Grammar School. Following an exciting ‘work like an artist day’ held at South East Dance Studios, Kent, young leaders (with guidance from Flexer & Sandiland company members) developed their film ‘challenges’, which were either ‘Spherical Films’ or ‘Weightlessness’. Films were shown together as part of a ‘Big Share Day’ as an installation with projections on the floor, walls and ceiling for visitors to walk around, lie down or sit and view and leaders have also led sessions to other classes at their own school and with partner schools. Online here and on Vimeo you can see some of the brilliant films young leaders made, we are incredibly proud of them!

Videos Produced by the Schools:

Spherical Films

These films were based on Orbital, a previous installation by F&S, which involved filming with a compact video camera attached to an extended rod.

Weightlessness Films

These films were based on a section from the performance Weightless by F&S, which involved filming with an inverted video camera attached to a small customised steadicam.

Teachers and participants comments

“I’m so pleased Flexer & Sandiland have made digital dance accessible to students who would never usually get an opportunity to participate”

“I loved the use of the cameras and it was good to see how well the children used them and what they produced”

“It was fun working with different cameras”

“I really enjoyed the day, working with the cameras and dancing with new people”

“It was nice to see children who were initially not keen on dance get really into it and enjoy their day”

“The positive personalities of the tutors worked well to encourage students”

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