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The company’s team of highly skilled professional dance artists lead a diverse education and participatory programme that encompasses Infant and Primary, GCSE, BTEC and A/AS level study and residencies with youth and community groups. These programmes are suitable for participants age 6+, and can contribute to students working towards achieving their Arts Award.
Programmes can also help institutions and organisations that are working towards gaining, or have already achieved, Arts Mark status, supporting Arts Council England’s goal of ensuring every child and young person has the opportunity to experience the richness of the arts. Over the years, Yael and company members have earned considerable recognition for their thoughtful & inspiring education and outreach activity. Company members regularly work with in wide variety of contexts with groups of different or mixed ages and abilities including work with integrated and disabled children, youth and adults and over 50s groups.
The company’s education work is driven by the desire to open contemporary dance and digital dance to a wider public through participation and performance. The company aims to establish a personal connection between company members and groups by enabling individuals to experience dance first hand and can help create a true context for presenting the company’s work.

Yael’s work has been an absolute inspiration to the 39 young people from all over Merseyside…There was an amazing amount of company rep material shared with the young people as well as beautifully structured creative tasks for their creativity and imagination to blossom. It is a pleasure to watch young people, who are passionate about dance, work hard, enjoy and interact with sensitive and inspiring choreographers like Yael. We want more!!

Mira Balchandran Gokul, Merseyside Dance Initiative

Further Details

Education work ranges from one-off workshops to long-term tailor-made residencies. Residencies can focus on developing dance skills or on dance and new technology.

Infant and Primary dance specific workshops: begin with a warm-up combining technique based exercises with creative games and tasks gradually introducing dance skills including: improvisation, contact improvisation, choreography and where relevant company repertoire.

Dance specific one-day workshops and residencies at GCSE, BTEC and A/AS level study or with youth and community groups can include technique, repertoire, contact improvisation and creative work and often lead towards the creation of curtain raisers (short works presented alongside the company performance and/or independently for examination). In discussion with teachers/dance leaders workshops can focus on specific dance skills such as choreography, contact or repertoire or can focus on supporting students and teachers in creating their own work towards examination.

Digital dance workshops are adapted to suit different levels (Infant, Primary, GCSE, BTEC, A level and youth). Workshops range from one-day workshops to short courses focusing on dance for the camera, projection in performance or interactive work and can lead toward participants or the artistic team creating short films, installations or live work using new technology.

1. One/two days workshops: we currently offer two key one/two day digital dance workshops, ‘Spherical Films’ (see Inspire) working with digital bullet cameras to create short dance films and ‘Everything Looks Beautiful in Slow Motion’ based on our installation, working with interactive projection.

2. Residencies and longer courses are devised in consultation with teachers and can be specifically developed to allow for collaborations between subject areas including: dance, performing arts, art and design, design and technology, film and media students.

Inset Days for teachers can focus on dance specific skills: technique, contact improvisation, company repertoire, work with text and choreography or digital dance skills ‘dance for camera’, projection in performance or interactive work.

Youth and Community groups commissions: The company regularly receives commissions to create work for a variety of youth and community groups, creating work that is performed alongside the company as a curtain raiser or as independent touring works. Commissions are choreographed by Yael and/or company members and may include a digital element where relevant.

Participant comments:

“This workshop was amazing and the leaders were fantastic. I really enjoyed being in the choreographic process.”

“Being able to take part in this has been a great opportunity. Working with Yael has been fantastic and I would love to do it again.”

“I thought the dances helped a lot for future choreography, especially with the solos”


Workshops can be tailored to group size and will be led by either one or two members of the company depending on the size of the group. The company provides bullet cameras and projection equipment for digital workshops.


Classes can range from one off sessions (1.5 hours minimum) through to full week-long residencies or longer depending on the context.

Previous Workshops

Recent workshops and commissions include:
Inspire – Digital dance workshops working with infant schools through to GCSE with schools across north Kent.
Three Score Dance Company commission- Creating a touring work with Brighton based over 60s company.
Sussex Downs College Easter course- for A-level and BA Dance students alongside professional dancers
Trinity Laban – Yael and company members teaching as part of the Laban summer school
Northern School of Contemporary Dance – Repertoire workshops and Dance for Camera course as part of the Centre for Advanced Training summer school
Cando2 commission- recreating company repertoire Shrink’d with Candoco’s integrated youth group
The Place Centre for Advanced Training -youth classes and workshops creating curtain raisers