Weighting (2015)


Weighting MK2


Witty installation of dance and digital imagery in which a giant set of scales weighs the balance between futility and aspiration.
Judith Mackrell, The Guardian 2016

Further Details

Weighting attempts to realise the impossible, yet at the same time suggests that the intangible and representational have direct repercussions in our physical world. The piece is based around a large set of weighing scales which tilts and falls to the movement of digital performers as if they were physically present in the space. In an ironic manner Weighting also reflects on the more banal side of our digital interactions within the world embracing themes of futility, pointlessness and the pursuit of the new.

Video Documentation


2016 Gulbenkian, Canterbury
2016 Jerwood Dance House, Ipswitch
2016 MK Gallery Milton, Keynes
2016 The Place Theatre, London
2016 The Point, Eastleigh
2015 The Emporium, Brighton


Artistic Director: Nic Sandiland
Performers: Luke Birch, Nicola Collett, Chris Copland, Andrew Downs, Annie Lok
Performance Advisor: Gary Stevens
Supported by Arts Council England, South East Dance, Brighton Digital Festival