Flexer and Sandiland

Directed by award-winning choreographer Yael Flexer and installation artist Nic Sandiland, Flexer & Sandiland create live and digital installation work (for theatres, galleries, screens and large outdoor spaces), alongside an extensive programme of commissions and tailor-made training for youth and community groups and professional development settings.

Yael and Nic’s work centres on the generating of a sense of intimacy in live performance and digital installation, in a way which acknowledges the physicality and presence of the viewer. Works offer acute observations on the everyday and the mundane using pedestrian movement and gesture as well as working with dancers and non-dancers as performers within digital works.

Described by the press as dance that is unforced, unaffected, charming and smart (Time Out) and with a gently deviant sense of humour (The Guardian), the work blends fast-paced choreography with informal banter and a wry humour.

Yael Flexer and Nic Sandiland’s work challenge the traditional boundaries between performers, audience and choreographers.Music OMH

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