Close Distance (2017)

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Created for the magnificent rooftop Prospect Room at Wollaton Hall, with its views across the surrounding park and city beyond, this new commission offers visitors a unique experience of an area of the house rarely visited by the public

Further Details

Artists Caroline Broadhead, Nic Sandiland and Angela Woodhouse have taken inspiration from the building’s history and inhabitants. Sandiland and Woodhouse have worked with image, sound, and movement to create a series of intimate film works that are integrated with Broadhead’s reinvented found objects. All these elements find synergy in this atmospheric installation.

“…Images will shift from the open landscape to the enclosed and restricted spaces in which the servants were confined, indicating the labours and life that differentiated the people, their roles and their position in the 17th century household.”

Video Documentation


2017 Wollaton Hall, Nottingham


Artistic Collaborators: Angela Woodhouse, Caroline Broadhead, Nic Sandiland
Performers: Matrina Conti, Alice Labant, Vanyo Papadelli, Kristian Tirsgaard
Produced by: Angela Woodhouse
Commissioned by: Nottingham City Museums and Galleries.