The Theory of Gravity (1998)

The Theory of Gravity


Originally part of the performance Big Satellite Days (1998), The Theory of Gravity was re-edited into a film in its own right. Using the backdrop of a featureless landscape, the film explored how, by placing of the human figure in the landscape, one could create shifts in the viewer’s perception of space and the spatial relationship of the performer to their environment; it also looked at how changes in playback speed could alter the viewer’s impression of weight and momentum.

Further Details

The Theory of Gravity is one of four short dance films made between 1998 and 2002 which challenge the boundaries of what is traditionally acknowledged as dance. All four films focus on pedestrian movement, i.e. everyday actions such as running, jumping and falling, and aim to re-present this movement through a choreographic framing.


1998: Dance On Screen season, London


Performers: Sarah Dawson, Martin Gent
Avid editor: Claudia Kappenberg