Perpetual Indecision (1996)

Perpetual Indecision

Perpetual Indecision

Perpetual Indecision


Set in a disused science laboratory originally run by Michael Faraday, Perpetual Indecision was a kinetic installation forming what seemed to be an abandoned scientific experiment.

Further Details

A grid of 100 pocket fans created currents of air thought the space causing an anemometer at the other side of the room to slowly rotate. The anemometer was in turn, connected to the tuning dial of a transistor radio in such a way that the gusts of air caused the radio to subtly drift through the radio frequencies.
The public passing through the installation also had an impact on the tuning of the radio as their presence affected the direction and speed of the wind.


1996 Earthworks Festival, Trinity Buoy Wharf, East London


Festival organised by the Earthworks Collective