Shrink’d & Other Works (2006)

Shrink’d & Other Works


A series of interactive and site-specific installations at Sadler’s Wells theatre presenting alternative vantage points to experience dance and choreography.

Further Details

These works form part of a continuing investigation into dance beyond the stage, first explored in the exhibition Choreography presented at The Place Theatre, London (1999).
Making use of availiable digital technology Shrink’d and Other Works, develops further this investigation. Some of the works re-address the role for the viewer, engaging them choreographically (Insecure Choreography) or as a partner in a duet (Shrink’d 2). Others develop the idea of re-framing through integration with new architectural spaces (Shrink’d 1) and re-examination of everyday movement through employment of cinematic techniques (Everything Looks Beautiful in Slow Motion).


Shrink’d 1&2 were also presented at the following venues alongside the live work Shrink’d choreographed by Yael Flexer. Shrink’d 1 took on different forms depending on the surrounding architecture:

2006 Saddlers Wells, London
2006 The Place Theatre, London
2005 Dresden Theatre, Germany
2005 The Engine Room, Bridgwater, Somerset
2005 Dance on Screen (IMZ), Brighton
2005 Woking Dance Festival, Woking

Everything Looks Beautiful in Slow Motion subsequently went on to become a major touring installation in 2010.


choreographer: Yael Flexer
installation artist: Nic Sandiland
composer: Nye Parry

Funded by Arts Council England, commissioned by Sadler’s Wells Theatre