Stereo Dances (2004)

Stereo Dances


An aurally immersive space for two participants to engage in a dance duet. Two sets of movement instructions were delivered simultaneously to each person through pairs of headphones and designed to create synchronised 3-5 minute dance sequence.

Further Details

There were 4 current variations choreographed by Rosemary Lee: Formal, Folk, Unexpected and Meditative.
Stereo Dances was a development from the earlier work Move-O-Matic made as part of the exhibition Choreography shown at the Place Theatre, London in 1999.

Video Documentation


2007: New Moves Festival, Roubaix
2007: Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Wales
2006: Centre National de la Dance, Paris
2006: Quay gallery, Isle of Wight
2005: Bunker arts, Slovenia
2005: Spring Dance Festival, Utrecht
2004: Royal Festival Hall, London


Original concept and construction: Nic Sandiland
Choreography: Rosemary Lee
Voices: Graeme Miller, Rosemary Lee, Andrew Downs, Nicola Collett