The Public Record (2002)

The Public Record


A site specific installation where the public could interact with samples from an old record library.

Further Details

The piece looked at the apparently missing hour between Greenwich Meantime and British Summer time and realised this concept in space by mapping it out along a corridor in the basement of Greenwich Borough Hall. The basement was also home to thousands of old vinyl records from an ex-council library.

Throughout the day of the exhibition members of the public were invited to each pick a record and have 10 seconds of a track sampled live onto computer. Subsequently each of these samples were allocated a division along the line of the missing hour to be replayed whenever someone physically stepped in the corresponding position on the line: an archive linking forgotten sounds allocated to a forgotten hour.

The piece integrated interactive technology first explored in Frozen Progress 2001 and later developed for Remote Dancing 2004.


Greenwich Borough Hall, London


A collaboration with electro-acoustic artist Joanna Mayes
Part of the Nightwalking conference, a commission by Rescen at Greenwich Dance Agency, London