Trip Hazard (2013)

Trip Hazard

Trip Hazard


Part one-liner gag, part public intervention, Trip Hazard forms a physical and immediate bridge between everyday inadvertent actions in public spaces and the potentially catastrophic consequences such actions could have.

Further Details

Having spent a number of years looking at continuous connections between the viewer and digital performer I decided to revisit the more commonplace interaction of discrete cause and effect; where a particular action in the physical world might trigger a pre-set event in a digital space. This new direction was to some degree influenced through my involvement with Gary Steven’s Wake Up and Hide (Matt’s Gallery 2007): a video installation linking to the unintentional sounds of the gallery visitors to reactions contained within a series of video clips. Like Wake Up and Hide, Trip Hazard also looks at the inadvertent actions of the general public but concentrates on a proposed transfer of momentum between physical environment and digital space.

Video Documentation


2014 Cinedans, Amsterdam
2013 The Place Theatre London
2013 University of Bedford
2013 The Dome, Brighton


Artistic Director: Nic Sandiland
Physical Comedy Director: Petra Massey
Performers: Andrea Foa, Cathy Peace, Chris Copland, Ian Nicholson, Mike Goodenough, Lindsey McConville, Luke Birch

Supported by Arts Council England, The BBC