Uncharted (1996)



A site-specific immersive work which highlighted a shift of spatial awareness as the viewer traversed through the piece.

Further Details

Situated in what initially seems to small attic space of the old buoy-making workshop the piece comprised: a 1m diameter shipping buoy suspended by nylon thread, a dim 6v torch bulb and a white wall. The first impression on entering the darkened attic space was that of the light, buoy and shadow of the buoy cast on the adjacent wall; however as the viewer navigated the space it became apparent that the shadow was not what it appeared to be and was in fact a hole cut out into a white facade. At a certain vantage point the viewer could experience a sudden shift in perspective as their perception of the surrounding space changed to include the remaining 20m of the attic space partially illuminated by an abandoned torch left resting on one of the rafters.


1996 Trinity Buoy Wharf


Festival organised by the Earthworks Collective