Broken White Vessel (1995)

Broken White Vessel


A performance as part of the 1995 British Butoh festival, performed once as a 15 minute duet in London and later as a solo at Institut Unzeit, Berlin. Broken White Vessel refers to the 22 bones which make up the human skull. The work questions the notion of “the whole” and explores the process of fragmentation.

Further Details

Review from Total Theatre Magazine, Summer 1995:

By far the most inventive and original piece of the evening was Nic Sandiland’s Broken White Vessel, a duet with Dianne Hepple, cellist Ian Thomposon and Yogos Askouris. A multi media piece incorporating live music, slides, and video, it opened with life-size images of each performer projected onto themselves. These apparitions seemed trapped inside their own bodies, the slightest movement insinuating torment. Throughout the piece the cellists lay on the floor either side of the stage, their discordant sounds building fiercely, supporting a series of images on a the video screen: snails, a bowl, rivulets of water. The combination of effects and the slow, inevitable coming together of the dancer’s centre stage, created an absorbing and tense piece of work. For me this was “New British Butoh” Something truly original created through the concept of Butoh without relying on the image.

Fiona Millward


1995 Chisenhale Dance Space, London
1995 Institut Unzeit, Berlin


Performers: Dianne Hepple, Nic Sandiland
Cellists: Ian Thomposon, Yogos Askouris
Director: Nic Sandiland