Hypermarket (2004)



A 50 minute performance integrating dance and interactive video projection based around a journey through the dislocated landscape of London Docklands.

Further Details

A customised surveyors wheel, normally used to measure distance, was used as an on-stage sensor to link the movement of the dancers to the movement of projected video onto the stage backdrop. The piece examined the shifting relationship between the live and projected dancers as well as the relationship between the live dancers and the camera movement.

Video Documentation


2004: The Place Theatre, London
2004: Chichester University, Chichester, UK.
2005: Winchester University, WInchester, UK.


Dancers and voices: Kate Brown, Andrew Fifield, Jenny Lam
Additional voice: Nicola Collet
Music: Jamie McCarthy
Text consultant: Andrew Downs
Location runner: Satu Tuomisto
Artistic Director: Nic Sandiland

Hypermarket was devised in collaboration with the Company
Supported through Arts Council England