Doing, Done & Undone (2007–2009)

Doing, Done & Undone

Made as a triptych Doing, Done & Undone is a dance that gradually becomes unfurled. Moving from the functional to the frenetic it considers the ways in which we are inevitably tied to one another.

Blending fast-paced intricate choreography and an informal sense of humour, Doing, Done & Undone questions what we do to others, what is done to us and how this makes us come undone.

Doing, Done & Undone was Commissioned by University of Chichester funded by Arts Council England and supported by Dansens Hus, Denmark, Greenwich Dance, and Take Art!

It toured throughout the UK alongside the Installation Doing.

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Choreographed by Yael Flexer for Bedlam Dance Company, Doing, Done & Undone involved an exceptional team of dancers and collaborators: digital artist Nic Sandiland, lighting designer Michael Mannion composers Karni Postel and Nye Parry and artistic advisor Mark Whitelaw, The 6- strong international company included: Lyndsey McConville (Bedlam, Sue Davies Bank Project), Robert Bell (Bare Bones, Tom Dale), Victoria Fox (Candoco, Jasmin Vardimon), Matt Slater (Bedlam, Retina), Bonita Chan (Bedlam, Robert Hylton, Yolanda Snaith) Aneta Szydlak (Dance Theatre of Ireland, X Factor) and Aya Kobayashi (mapdance).