Weightless (2013)

Weightless - dancer Luke Birch


Weightless was made to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary. Engaging and thoughtful Weightless carries Yael Flexer’s recognisable stamp of witty text and humour combined with fast paced, space-hungry movement, and a driving musical score by composers Karni Postel and Dougie Evans. A collaboration with Nic Sandiland, Weightless includes live video projection and a sonic environment of disembodied voices and after images as well as text by Wendy Houstoun.

Further Details

Made in the context of the 20th anniversary, Weightless, in a tongue in cheek way, references its own historical position. It questions the ‘weight’ of history, both personal and aesthetic: what is it that roots us down physically and emotionally? What might it feel like to let go or take flight? An episodic trace of a history, that is partly made up and partly remembered.

Articles and Reviews

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Choreography: Yael Flexer and the dancers
Dancers: George Adams, Luke Birch, Aya Kobayashi, KJ Lawson, Hannah Martin, Lyndsey McConville, Yael Flexer
Text: Wendy Houstoun
Dramaturgy: Gary Stevens
Digital projection & engineering: Nic Sandiland
Music: Karni Postel and Dougie Evans
Music Production: Dougie Evans and Bruno Grife
Lighting Design: Michael Mannion
Costume Design: Holly Murray
Technical Manager: Chris Copland
Producers: Joe Bates & Claire Morton, Morton Bates Arts Services
Project Management: Ellie Baker, Morton Bates Arts Services
Photography: Chris Nash

Weightless was commissioned by South East Dance with additional funding from The National Lottery through Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts and support from The Point, Eastleigh, Greenwich Dance and University of Chichester.