Dance for Screen


Exosphere was the outcome of a research project at Chisenhale Dance Space in 2002 with filmmaker Simon Aeppli and dancer/choreographer Annie Lok. The research explored the idea of choreographing for both camera and dancer as a duet form and integrated a variety of high and low tech camera motion mechanisms.

Further Details

Exosphere is one of four short dance films made between 1998 and 2002 which challenge the boundaries of what is traditionally acknowledged as dance. All four films focus on pedestrian movement, i.e. everyday actions such as running, jumping and falling, and aim to re-present this movement through a choreographic framing.



2012 onwards: ReelDance Moving Image Collection (MIC) housed at the University of New South Wales,Sydney
2010: What If event, Siobhan Davies Studios, London
2007: Video Dance Italy Tour supported through the British Council
2007: Electrofringe Festival in Newcastle, Australia
2003: Televised UK Channel 4 as part of 4Dance season
2003: Stiftung Kultur Köln
2003: Shadowline Salerno Film Festival, Italy
2002: Dance on Camera festival, New York
2002: Dance on Screen, The Place Theatre, London


A collaboration between filmmakers: Simon Aeppli, Nic Sandiland
Dancer: Annie Lok

The project was funded by Chisenhale Dance Space