Set Me On Fire (music video)


Music Video commissioned by the band, Birdmask.

Further Details

There have been a fair number of ballet-based music videos over the past few years, but not so many which incorporate contemporary dance, which is our main area of practice. Yael and I took this as an excellent opportunity to introduce a new flavour of movement into the genre bringing together some of our key Company members at a time when all live theatre shows have ground to a halt. Working under social distancing meant a skeleton crew of just 4 people (including our dancer, Luke Birch) all multitasking without the luxury of assistant directors, runners, grips etc. In many ways we’re used to this kind of small shoot as it adds to the intimacy of the film though this was a pretty tiny crew even by those standards. The film owed much of its energetic and dynamic movement to Angus MacFadyen’s expert camera movement, shot purely handheld with no other camera mechanisms, and his sensitivity to the subtleties of the choreography.

Video (complete film)


Direction and Editing: Nic Sandiland
Choreography: Yael Flexer
Camera: Angus Macfadyen
Dancer: Luke Birch
Producers: Flexer & Sandiland