Dance for Screen

Dancing Parallel


A practical workshop for dancers, choreographers and other artists in dance for screen (video dance)

Further Details

The workshops give an introduction into the key skills and concepts behind film production with an emphasis on non-narrative movement-based content. Sessions are aimed primarily at participants  from a dance background and focus on such issues as: rethinking composition for the screen as opposed to the stage, working with video cameras, editing, cinematic languages, non-linear time, sound and Foley, and post-production techniques.
Participants are taught how to work with cameras and use editing software and are encouraged to produce a short dance-film as part of the workshops.
A wide-range of contextual dance films are shown as part of the workshop.
Workshops typically run for between 1 and 5 days

Previous Workshops

The Place, London Contemporary Dance School MA video dance
Swindon Dance Agency, Dance for Film Masterclass (with Peter Anderson)
Chester University, Dance for Film Masterclass (with Peter Anderson & Rosemary Lee)
The Place, Dance for Film Masterclass (with Therry de May)
The Place, Dance for Film Masterclass (with David Hinton)