Trip Hazard

Trip Hazard

Trip Hazard


Trip Hazard is an interactive video installation for public space. Touring in 2020 and beyond. Get in touch for bookings and enquiries here.

Further Details

Part one-liner gag, part public intervention, Trip Hazard forms a physical and immediate bridge between everyday inadvertent actions in public spaces and the potentially catastrophic consequences such actions could have.
Having spent a number of years looking at continuous connections between the viewer and digital performer I decided to revisit the more commonplace interaction of discrete cause and effect; where a particular action in the physical world might trigger a pre-set event in a digital space. This new direction was to some degree influenced through my involvement with Gary Steven’s Wake Up and Hide (Matt’s Gallery 2007): a video installation linking to the unintentional sounds of the gallery visitors to reactions contained within a series of video clips. Like Wake Up and Hide, Trip Hazard also looks at the inadvertent actions of the general public but concentrates on a proposed transfer of momentum between physical environment and digital space.

Video Documentation


2021 Pavilion Dance South West

2015 Circus Gallery, London
2014 M2 Gallery, London
2014 The Dome, Brighton
2014 Cinedans, Amsterdam
2013 The Place Theatre London
2013 University of Bedford
2013 The Dome, Brighton (Brighton Digital Festival)


Artistic Director: Nic Sandiland
Physical Comedy Director: Petra Massey
Performers: Andrea Foa, Cathy Peace, Chris Copland, Ian Nicholson, Mike Goodenough, Lindsey McConville, Luke Birch

Supported by Arts Council England, The BBC