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Operating on the threshold of visibility it offers subtle readings of the body, movement that disappears into the shadows or slips through unseen gaps in the curtains leaving lingering traces on the retina. Evocative images, stories and wry humour give voice to our experiences of disappearance, night-time and politically ‘dark times’.

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Bringing together an international team of collaborators, choreography is by Yael Flexer and the company, text by Wendy Houston, dramaturgy by Pete Phillips, sound-score by Karni Postel, James Keane, and Nic Sandiland and bespoke digital lighting by Nic Sandiland and Natalie Rowland.


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JW3, London
The Point, Eastleigh
The Chrysalis Theatre Milton Keynes
Axis Arts Centre, Manchester Metropolitan University
The Showroom, University of Chichester
Gulbenkian, Canterbury
The Place Theatre, London
Sandnes Kulturhus, Sandnes, Norway




Artistic Directors: Yael Flexer and Nic Sandiland
Choreography: Yael Flexer and the dancers
Dancers: Luke Birch, Nick Keegan, Aya Kobayashi, Lyndsey McConville, Julie Ann Minaai
Text: Wendy Houstoun
Dramaturgy: Pete Phillips
Sound Scores: Karni Postel, James Keane, and Nic Sandiland
Stage Lighting Design: Natalie Rowland.
Digital Lighting Design & Set: Nic Sandiland
Costume Design: Holly Murray
Technical Manager: Natalie Rowland
Project Management: Faith Dodkins
Photography: Chris Nash

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