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Members of the public who have accessibility issues and cannot visit the various sites can listen directly to the Hum Soundtracks here.

A reflection and meditation on our own everyday interactions with the city.
Half cinema, half reality, where a specially composed soundtrack on your smartphone and visuals of the surrounding environment weave together to create a brand new event for 2017.

Further Details

Journey through the streets of the city by clicking on the links below to encounter often-overlooked places and the events that happen there.

Forming a series of acute observations on how we live and interact with the urban environment, The Hum incorporates text from four diverse artists including: international dance artist Wendy Houston, dance writer for The Times Donald Hutera, Maria Oshodi director of Extant Theatre Company of visually impaired people and live artist Pete Phillips. These writers explore the subtle qualities of observed and experienced movement to create their own idiosyncratic narratives ranging from the poetic and humorous through to the ironic and subversive.
Re-visiting the mundane activities of our everyday lives, The Hum questions and elevates these inadvertent acts of choreography to the status of a feature film. At times profound yet often personal it is an immersive work that reveals an alternative view of the city through movements that take place within it.

In the Hum there are no performers and no stage just real life, framed as an unusual and surprising performance.


location 3d

Escalators text Nic Sandiland


location 1c 

Photo Me Booth  text Pete Philips


location 9b

Concourse  text Wendy Houston


location 4

Jubilee Square  text Wendy Houston


location 7a

Laundrette text Donald Hutera


location 12

Automatic Doors 1  text Pete Philips


location 5

Pedestrian Crossing  text Wendy Houston

(viewed through Waterstones’ windows from above)


location 15

Automatic Doors 2 text Donald Hutera


location 6

Sci-Fi Section text Nic Sandiland


location 10b

Toilets text Maria Oshodi


location 14

Elevator text Nic Sandiland


location 13b

Pedestrian Crossing 2 text Maria Oshodi


location 11

Countdown text Maria Oshodi


location 2

Cashpoint  text Pete Philips


location 8c

Arcade text Donald Hutera



Direction & Design: Nic Sandiland
Writers: Wendy Houston, Donald Hutera, Maria Oshodi, Pete Philips, Nic Sandiland
Readers: Amy Lyster, Jodie Hawkes, Alonna Flexer, Caroline Hume, Donald Hutera, Robert Kingsley, Pete Philips
Music: James Keane
Additional Soundscore: Nic Sandiland
Coder: DabApps

Supported by Arts Council England, South East Dance,
Commissioned by Brighton Festival