Flexer & Sandiland

Current Projects

We have just returned from Sandnes & Randaberg in Norway where we premiered our new family work Curiouser for ages 3-6 work made together with dybwikdans, Norway. This was shortly followed by our UK premiere at The Lowry, Salford. Further performances are lined up this spring at Ideas Test in Gillingham, The Place Theatre and Brighton Festival. We have also been invited to do a pitch Session as Surf The Wave.


Yael’s work for Encore East recently premiered at Host – Dance East and Yael & Nic are currently working on a sited commission for Hull Dance. The final outing for The Hum is scheduled for this summer at Swindon Dance followed by further touring of Curiouser in Febrary 2020.


Nic is starting to work on a new dance film for Cumbria Youth Dance to be persented in Kendal Mountain Festival, November 2019.

Earlier this year Nic presented The People at Lightmoves screendance festival in Limerick.


New projects and international collaborations are on the horizon so watch this space!